"What I look for with my painting is to understand how we are, how we behave, and ultimately portrait it. I feel that for grasping the truth I need to explore intimacy, the intimate communication between human beings. Freed from the fake manners imposed by social composure, there’s always some exposure that we can’t avoid: Complicity, seduction, joy, fear, melancholy, perversion, brutality… it’s all in the same mix of our human condition. I am interested in the physical part of it, because we are animals made of blood, flesh and bone; but even more interested in the psychological part of it, in the myriad of different looks that we give to one another at this level. They speak the truth, and that is what I seek to paint."



2021. UNBLOCK Fair Art Fair. Berlin Art Week, Berlin
2021. Lange Nacht der Bilder (Open Studios). Berlin
2020. Lange Nacht der Bilder (Open Studios). Berlin
2019. Lange Nacht der Bilder (Group Show + Open Studios). Berlin
2018. 42 Contemporary Artists + EAF Collection. Gerichtshöfe. Berlin Art Week, Berlin
2018. Nacht & Tag in den Gerichtshöfen (Open Studios). Berlin
2017. Nacht & Tag in den Gerichtshöfen (Open Studios). Berlin
2017. 30 Contemporary Artists + EAF Collection. EAF. Gallery Weekend, Berlin
2017. 50 Contemporary Artists. Enter Art Foundation. Berlin
2016. Lange Nacht in den Gerichtshöfen (Open Studios). Berlin
2016. Kunst am Spreeknie Art Festival. Zentralstation. Berlin
2016. Funkhaus Nalepastraße. Open Studios. Berlin
2016. Funkhaus Nalepastraße. Lighthaus 'Renaissance'. Berlin
2014. Sala Pintores 10. 'EgoSenso'. Cáceres
2014. Siluro Concept Gallery. 'EgoSenso'. Madrid



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Represented by:  SINGULART
                               ENTER ART FOUNDATION

Portfolio: miguelmartinez.de

Instagram: @radiomik






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Haus X, Studio 133
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